Reclamation Reporting

The Government of Alberta is implementing an enhanced system for tracking and reporting the large amount of reclamation work underway.

Currently, some 67 square kilometres of mineable oil sands are under active reclamation. Reclamation is also occurring in the coal mine industry. In fact, almost half of Alberta’s coal mines have been reclaimed – the remainder are still active.

The enhanced tracking system will provide better clarity, and act as an incentive for more progressive reclamation. Industry will be required to report greater detail on reclamation progress.

Better reporting increases the ability to measure and report performance against reclamation plans, so the province – and the public – can better hold industry accountable.

Government previously used only three categories to track and report reclamation: disturbed, reclaimed, and certified. As part of enhanced system, government is now using eight categories.

The oil sands mining development and reclamation indicator shows the areas cleared and disturbed for oil sands mining and provides a detailed breakdown and status of the reclamation activities associated with the mineable oil sands area near Fort McMurray as of December 31, 2010.


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Updated: Jan 16, 2018