Environmental Site Assessment Repository (ESAR)

The Environmental Site Assessment Repository (ESAR) is an online searchable database that provides scientific and technical information about assessed and/or reclaimed sites throughout Alberta.

Environmental site assessments determine the quality of soil and groundwater of a site, particularly at retail gas stations and other commercial and industrial sites. A site assessment does not necessarily mean a site is, or ever was, contaminated.

Reclamation certificates issued for upstream oil and gas well sites, gravel pits and other specified lands on private land and the associated file information for the certificates (applications, reports) are also available on ESAR.

Reclamation certificates issued for activities on public lands do not have the associated file information or certificates available on ESAR. A search may be obtained through Alberta Energy for a fee. The search results will provide the reclamation certificate number for a reclaimed site on public lands.

Please contact Crown Land Data at:

Information on reclamation certificates issued on upstream oil and gas sites between April 2014 and June 2016 can be obtained from the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) at:

Information on reclamation certificates issued after June 2016 is available through the AER’s OneStop Reclamation Certification Public Map Viewer:

Using Alberta Registries Land Titles SPIN2 technology, ESAR allows you to search for a site by legal land description, municipal address or map. If information on a site is available, users can download, email and print relevant information and documents.

If you are having any trouble accessing information on ESAR, please review our Frequently Asked Questions or the User Help Guide, found under Related Links. If you do not find the information you require, please contact:

For access to incidents reported under the Release Reporting Regulation, contact the FOIP, Records and Corporate Support office at:

  • Tel: 780 427-4429

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