Soil Monitoring Directive (2009) for Monitoring and Managing Soil Contamination under EPEA Approvals

Effective September 1, 2009, the revised Soil Monitoring Directive (2009) must be used to conduct monitoring and management of soil contamination at approved plants in Alberta where such requirements are identified under an Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) approval. Proposals and reports approved by Alberta Environment (now Alberta Environment and Parks) before that date may still use the 1996 Soil Monitoring Directive.

The revised Directive will provide integrated regulatory directions to approval holders and environmental professionals and help protect Alberta's land and water resources associated with approved plants.

This revised document incorporates the Guideline for Monitoring and Management of Soil Contamination under EPEA Approvals (Alberta Environment, 1996) and amends the Soil Monitoring Directive (Alberta Environment, 1996). Regulatory requirements and professional guidance are provided with this revised Directive. In accordance with Alberta's framework for management of contaminated sites, the revised Directive mandates the use of other regulatory tools, including:


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