Management of Contaminated Petroleum Storage Tank Sites

Alberta Environment and Parks is working closely with stakeholders to phase in a system to enhance management and encourage cleanup of contaminated petroleum storage tank sites in Alberta. Petroleum storage tank sites include underground and above ground storage tank facilities that contain or have contained gasoline, diesel, heating oil or aviation fuel.

Professional sign-off

All petroleum storage tank environmental site assessment reports must include professional sign-off. To sign off on remediation and reclamation work, the professional must:

Sign off must include the professional's signature and either a) registration/membership number or b) stamp/seal

The requirements for professional sign off were developed by the Remediation and Reclamation Sign Off Advisory Committee and are contained in their recommendations report.

The department has developed a fact sheet describing the professional declaration and sign off requirements and responsibilities for environmental site assessment, remediation and reclamation work in support of a reclamation certificate in Alberta.

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Updated: Jan 26, 2018