Conservation and Reclamation

Alberta legislation requires soil conservation and reclamation for most industrial activities and for all activities on public lands. Typically, the preferred goal of conservation and reclamation is to restore the land’s ability to support a range of uses that is similar to its pre-disturbance state.

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) develops guidance and criteria for conservation and reclamation planning and for measuring reclamation success. Once reclamation is complete, for lands defined as specified lands, industry operators must obtain reclamation certificate. For lands that are non-specified but on public lands, a parallel closure mechanism exists, which is referred to as a letter of clearance.

Guidelines and Technical Documents

To see general conservation and reclamation guidelines and technical documents that apply to multiple sectors of industry, see:

To see industry-specific conservation and reclamation guidelines and technical documents, see:

Environmental Site Assessment Repository

The Environmental Site Assessment Repository (ESAR) provides public access to environmental site assessments and reclamation certificate applications that have been filed with Alberta Environment and Parks. To access ESAR, see:


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Updated: Dec 3, 2018