Provincial Grazing Reserves

There are 32 provincial grazing reserves located throughout Alberta. They are administered by Alberta Environment and Parks.

On April 1, 1999, the responsibility for the care, handling and management of livestock and the forage resources was transferred to grazing reserve associations. Use of the grazing reserves by the associations is authorized by grazing management agreements.

Some of the reserves, or community pastures, are natural (native) grassland, while others have been partially cleared and seeded to tame forage. They range in size from 6,602 acres (Seven Persons) to 76,681 acres (Pinhorn). The overall average is close to 22,500 acres.

The main purpose of these reserves is to provide summer pasture for Alberta's farmers and ranchers on public land, enabling them to use their own land for crop and hay production.

The application deadlines for the Southeast and Northeast Regions are January 15th and for the Southwest and Northwest Regions are January 31st.

Applications can be obtained from, and are submitted to the appropriate Provincial Grazing Reserve (PGR) office.

The reserves also offer a variety of recreational opportunities including:

  • cross-country skiing,
  • hiking,
  • hunting,
  • sightseeing,
  • snowmobiling and
  • trail riding.

Others who use grazing land are:

  • gravel haulers,
  • oil and gas well operators,
  • pipeline companies and
  • seismic crews.

Large portions of the reserves also provide excellent habitat for wildlife.

To assist recreational users and other visitors, maps that clearly show access routes are available from the regional grazing reserve office. These access routes are trails that provide the public optimum access to the reserve while minimizing both damage to the grazing lands and conflicts with the livestock operation and other users.

PGRs are popular recreational sites for the general public. There are certain conditions that need to be followed when recreating on PGRs. These conditions can be viewed by using the Recreational Access Mapping tool at the link provided below.

For further information on these conditions, see:

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