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Sales to Rural Acreage Owners and Hobby Greenhouse Operators

Alberta's pesticide vendor regulations allow pesticide retail vendors to sell certain Commercial class pesticides (Schedule 2) to acreage owners and hobby greenhouse operators who are not in possession of a pesticide applicator certificate.

Who Qualifies?

Three groups have been identified who are not considered a "commercial agriculturalist", but who may have a legitimate case for purchasing selected Commercial class pesticides:

  • Rural Acreage Owners: a person who may have a substantial agricultural land base, but where their primary income is not agricultural production. This group may require pesticides for use in shelterbelts, small fruits, vegetables, rodent control in pastures used for horses or other livestock, and landscaped areas (trees, shrubs, turf, driveways, etc.);
  • Country Residential: a person who has no agricultural use of land but has large landscaped areas to maintain; and
  • Hobby Greenhouse Operator: a person who operates a small greenhouse (less than 100 square metres). This group may require pesticides to manage fungal diseases in greenhouses.

To verify that a purchaser is qualified, pesticide sales records must include the purchaser's legal land description (Alberta Township System parcel reference - Meridian, Township, Range, Section) to verify the purchaser's status as an acreage owner or hobby greenhouse operator.

Urban residents do not qualify for "acreage" exemptions because of their smaller land area.

Available Products

Only commercial class pesticides containing active ingredients listed in the latest edition of the Environmental Code of Practice for Pesticides published by the department can be sold to acreage owners and hobby greenhouse operators.

These products are limited to:

  1. acetic acid (EcoClear®) for the management of vegetation in shelterbelts and non-cropland areas such as fencerows, parking areas, sidewalks, patios, and driveways;
  2. glyphosate for the management of vegetation in shelterbelts and non-crop areas such as fence rows, parking areas, and driveways;
  3. dichlobenil (Casoron® or Stryke®) for the management of weeds in shelterbelts, woody ornamentals and small fruits;
  4. 2,4-D alone or in combination with either dicamba or mecoprop, or both, for the management of broadleaf weeds in turf;
  5. chlorophacinone for the management of ground squirrels in livestock pastures;
  6. oxine benzoate (NO-DAMP®) for the management of fungal diseases in greenhouses;
  7. products for aquatic weed and algae control in farm dugouts;
  8. Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (Btk) for the management of caterpillar insect pests; and
  9. mustard seed powder (Rocon® Concentrate Rodenticide) for the control of Richardson’s ground squirrels.

Further information of pesticide products (by Pest Control Products Registration Number) available to acreage owners can be found in the following document:

Copies of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and its regulations are available from:


Questions concerning the sale of pesticides, or any other pesticide regulatory requirement can be directed to the nearest regional office.

The regional offices can also be reached by phoning 310-0000 and asking for the Alberta Environment and Parks office within your region.


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