Dispenser Certification

Retail vendors selling federally classed Restricted and Commercial class (Schedule 1 or 2) pesticides must employ one individual holding a Commercial Pesticide Dispenser Certificate. Retail vendors selling Domestic class pesticides must employ one individual that holds a Lawn and Garden Pesticide Dispenser Certificate.

Below you will find more information about each type of dispenser program.

Commercial Pesticide Dispenser Certification

All retail pesticide vendor outlets selling federally classes Restricted or Commercial class pesticides (Alberta Schedule 1 and 2) must employ at least one Certified Commercial Pesticide Dispenser. A certificate is issued on successful completion of the certification exam.

Commercial Pesticide Dispenser training includes sales regulations, individuals whom vendors are authorized to pesticides to, and provides information how to safely handle, store and dispose of pesticides

How does someone become a certified Commercial Pesticide Dispenser?

To become certified, individuals must obtain training and pass a certification exam. Further information on the program can be found at:

Lawn and Garden Pesticide Dispenser Certification

All retail vendors selling Domestic Class (Schedule 3) pesticides must employ a certified Lawn and Garden Pesticide Dispenser. This requirement covers the majority of pesticide products formulated for outdoor residential lawn and garden use. Domestic class pesticides formulated for direct application on people and pets (repellents, flea and tick collars, pet shampoo) or for use inside homes are not included in these requirements.

The objective of Lawn and Garden Pesticide Dispenser certification program is to ensure that consumers have access to appropriate information regarding pest control, and that someone at each retail outlet has knowledge of pesticide sales regulations and safety requirements. Certificate holders will not be pest control experts, but they will be familiar with pesticides, pesticide safety, provincial regulations and provincial reference materials.

How does someone become a certified Lawn & Garden Pesticide Dispenser?

A Lawn and Garden Pesticide Dispenser Course is available year-round as a home study package from Olds College. An optional in-class tutorial is also available. For further information on both of these options, contact Olds College at:

Students will be advised as to exam times and locations closest to the student's preferred writing location. Upon successful completion of the exam, a certificate will automatically be issued to the student by the college.

Important Note:
The Lawn and Garden Certification Program will not qualify dispensers selling Commercial or Restricted class pesticides.


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