Part Six - Dealing with Pesticide Waste

Pesticide wastes can include empty pesticides containers, leftover product (concentrate or solution), pesticide rinsate or treated seed. For further information regarding these types of waste, see below.

  • Disposal of Pesticide Waste
  • Pesticide rinsate. Pesticide rinsate can be disposed of as mix water in spraying operations (to obtain the appropriate dilution indicated on the label) or by spraying the rinsate over the treated area (as long as the label rate is not exceeded).

Treated Seed

To ensure the protection of the environment and to protect livestock and wildlife, treated seed must be disposed of in an appropriate manner. Further information about disposal is available:

Pesticide Container Collection

There are approximately 100 empty pesticide container collection sites throughout Alberta. In addition, many Alberta municipalities offer temporary drop-off locations. CleanFARMS partners with ag-retailers and municipalities to collect empty commercial pesticide containers from farmers across the country. In Alberta, containers are collected at least once every year. For further information, see:


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Updated: Sep 24, 2018