Part One - Know the Pesticide Regulations

The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) controls the sale, use, application, handling, storage, transport and disposal of pesticides in Alberta.

The EPEA contains the following regulations specific to pesticides:

Under Alberta legislation, the federal classes of pesticides (identified on the Pesticide Product label) have been further subdivided into four categories or schedules based on a pesticide's potential hazard to human health or the environment and its label use patterns.

The four pesticide schedules established under the Pesticide (Ministerial) Regulation include the following:

Schedule 1

This schedule contains federally labeled Restricted and some Commercial pesticides. Most of these pesticides are fumigants and vertebrate toxicants. These pesticides can only be sold to bonafide farmers*, certified applicators and Pesticide Service Registration holders and used by farmers* and certified pesticide applicators.

*Note some pesticides in this schedule require farmers to hold a Farmer Pesticide Certificate.

Schedule 2

This schedule contains federally labeled Commercial (or Agricultural, Horticultural and Industrial) pesticides. These pesticides can only be sold to bonafide farmers, certified applicators and Pesticide Service Registration holders and used by farmers, certified applicators and their assistants and service registration holders.

Schedule 3

This schedule contains federally labeled Domestic pesticides for use by homeowners. These products may be sold to anyone and used by householders around their own homes. A person using these pesticides to provide a service for hire or reward must hold a pesticide applicator certificate or be working under supervision of an applicator. An applicator certificate (or working under supervision of an applicator) is also required when they are used in and around:

  • multi-family dwellings
  • daycare facilities
  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • schools

Schedule 4

This schedule contains federally labeled Domestic and Commercial pesticides that do not represent a significant risk to the environment and the individual when used as indicated on the product label. These products may be sold to and used by anyone. This schedule includes:

  • antimicrobial pesticides such as laundry additives, swimming pool chemicals, disinfectants and wood preservatives;
  • animal repellents;
  • insect growth regulators and insect repellents for use on domestic pets and people;
  • domestic insecticides that are ready-to-use and pressurized aerosols when they used in and around the home (hornet and wasp sprays, ant traps, fly baits and strips, mosquito coils);
  • insecticides applied directly to livestock or their enclosures;
  • metered mist application equipment;
  • domestic plant growth regulators and pruning paints;
  • a number of rodenticides that are ready-to-use baits;
  • silicon dioxide (diatomaceous earth).

If a product has a certification statement indicated on the label, then the product becomes a schedule 2 product. This means that vendors must have a registration and can only sell to certified applicators. Additionally, only certified applicators can use these products.

Further information regarding the Pesticide Applicator Certification and Pesticide Use requirements are available at:

Additional information on dispenser certification and pesticide sales in Alberta, can be found at:

Regulations with Respect to Applications Near Water

Applications near open bodies of water are highly regulated due to the sensitive and complex nature of aquatic environment. An "open body of water" includes lakes, streams, rivers, irrigation canals and other natural water bodies.

An "open body of water" does not include:

  • ponds or dugouts that have no outlet, are completely surrounded by private land, and are less than 4 hectares (10 acres) in area on private land or are less than 0.4 hectares on public land;
  • roadside ditches and small (less than 0.5 metres wide), dry intermittent streams;
  • storm water and water treatment systems.

Persons applying within 30 metres of an open body of water must obtain a Pesticide Special Use Approval or work under the provisions of the Environmental Code of Practice for Pesticides.

Persons applying a pesticide on cultivated land (cropland, improved pasture, managed turf, and landscaped areas) do not need a Special Use Approval, however they must follow pesticide label directions including any buffers specified for aquatic habitats (example: open bodies of water).

For more information on pesticide use near water, see:

The application for a Pesticide Special Use Approval is available at:


Questions regarding the issuance of pesticide registrations and compliance with the regulations can be directed to one of the Alberta Environment and Parks offices at:

Questions regarding pesticide applicator or dispenser certification can be directed to Lakeland College at:

  • Tel: 1 866 853-8646


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