Land Auctions and Tenders

The Land Review Request (LRR) allows the public to apply for agricultural use or sale of public land. When an application is received, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) will evaluate the land to determine the appropriate land use and tenure. If the review results in a recommendation to sell or allow agricultural use, a land auction or tender generally occurs. This process usually applies to vacant (unallocated) public land.

Land Review Request Form and Eligibility

LRR forms are available on the AEP website and in regional AEP offices.

Search under Agriculture for Land Review Request Form or Land Review Request Farm Holdings Consolidation.

Requirements for the LRR are:

  1. an accurate land description,
  2. sketch (if applicable),
  3. applicable fees and other charges (Public Lands Rents and Other Amounts Payable),
  4. proof of age (18),
  5. proof of citizenship or permanent residency, and government employee requirements (if applicable), and
  6. a date and signature from the applicant.

Auction and Tender

  • Methods are competitive and based on market principles. The auction and tender process is still used to allocate land for formal agricultural dispositions and land sales. Auction is the primary means to allocate the land as it quick and administrative costs are minimal (Auctioning Public Lands FAR DIS 1989.1).
  • Auctions or bid opening can be conducted by the agrologist or a hired auctioneer, and wherever possible take place in the closest community to the proposed agricultural disposition or land sale. Tenders (with the exception of the tenders under the Farm Holding consolidation) may also be opened in Edmonton Provincial Programs Branch in Edmonton by the Land Administrator.

Auctioning Public Lands

  • The local MLA is notified prior to the land going to auction or tender for agricultural disposition allocation. AEP prepares a notification memo and map for the Minister and MLA to notify them of the potential auction or tender.
  • Farm Holdings Consolidation Program tenders are opened in regional offices. All bidders may opt to be present at the time of opening the tender. The tender opener makes a decision whether to accept the bid. Generally the highest bid is accepted as long as the bidder meets the administrative requirements outlined in the Tender/Auction Notice.


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