Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan

The Bow River Phosphorus Management Plan (PMP) is a strategic plan to address sources of phosphorus in the middle reach of the Bow River between the Bearspaw and Bassano Dams. It is the culmination of work by contributing parties from government and non-government, urban and rural sectors, and a wider constituency of subject matter experts who contributed on task teams to define the issue, establish goals and objectives, and recommend strategies and actions to manage phosphorus in the Bow River. The PMP was released in April 2014 and officially endorsed by all participating agencies in February 2015.

The implementation phase of the PMP is now underway with the establishment of the PMP Performance Measures Working Group in January 2014, the Education & Outreach Working Group in May 2014, and the PMP Implementation Committee in June 2014. The implementation phase involves taking the PMP’s identified strategies and actions and converting them to specific on-the-ground activities (e.g., an individual or group will do a specific activity by a specific time). Education, outreach and performance measures are also integral components of the implementation strategy.

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