Integrated Resource Plans

Integrated Resource Plans outline the land and resource management intent for a planning area based on a landscape assessment. These assessments:

  • Include the resource, physical and biological characteristics and social values within a planning area.
  • Identify objectives for long-term management of the area to promote responsible use of the land in the future.
  • Describe the type of activities that are compatible with this land and resource management direction. For example, public land may be designated for recreation, grazing, oil and gas, forestry or other uses.
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Available GIS Spatial Data / Map Files

The following data is provided in ArcGIS Shapefile format and is suitable for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software (i.e. ESRI ArcGIS).

GIS software enables display, query and plotting of the information contained within the data set. Data may be subject to conditional access and use constraints.

For Integrated Resource Plan – Local and Integrated Resource Plan – Sub-Regional, see:

Plan Amendment Guidelines

For An Approved Integrated Resource Plan

The guidelines describe the requirements for making application to the department to amend an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). In addition, users are strongly advised to thoroughly review specific IRPs to determine other amendment requirements that may be included in specific plans and to contact the nearest office of the Lands Division for further assistance or clarification.See attached document:


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