Shared Footprints

Shared Footprints Award

Excellence in Integrated Land Management

The winners of the Shared Footprints – Excellence in Integrated Land Management awards will be presented with their award at a ceremony in June 2010.

What is the Shared Footprints Award?

The Shared Footprints award celebrates projects that demonstrate excellence in integrated land management.

The Most Important Part of a Successful Nomination . . .

The demonstration of a reduction of footprint: human-caused disturbance on the land is reduced in relation to the disturbance that would have occurred without integration.

Who Can Apply for a Shared Footprints Award?

Anyone or any project can apply! ILM encourages all stakeholders to work together. These awards are open to all industries, all sectors, governments and the general public.

Nominate a Project Today!

Do you know of a project that demonstrates excellence in integrated land management? The Shared Footprints Award is looking for nominations of projects that go above and beyond the norm and aim to make a difference to their environment.

As an Emerald Certified Award, the Shared Footprints nominations are judged by a panel of Alberta Emerald Foundation judges who decide if the project meets the Emerald Award Criteria and further demonstrates the Shared Footprints Award criteria.

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