Resources and Tools

Creating awareness and developing corresponding practical tools to support policy principles and guidelines is a key component of enabling industrial users to minimize the surface disturbances on native grasslands.

The resources and tools are generated through extensive collaboration with range agrologists, landowners, leaseholders, reclamation practitioners, GoA, and industry often through partnerships with non for profit organizations like:

Grassland Vegetation Inventory (GVI) GeoSpatial Layer

GVI covers the Grassland Natural Region of the Province. It provides mapped information of landscape scale soil/landform features and vegetation cover for use in planning and management of rangelands, wildlife, wetlands, land use planning and reclamation in native grasslands.

A key use of GVI is siting of industrial disturbances in less environmentally sensitive lands.

Range Plant Community Guides for Grassland Natural Region

In these guides, plant communities are grouped into a hierachal system based on ecology with the highest level starting at the natural subregion. These classifications can be utilized during pre-site assessments and final reclamation of industrial sites, to classify the community, identify risks, and support resources and tools like the Recovery Strategies and the Grassland Vegetation Inventory.

These community guides can be accessed on the following page:

Recovery Strategies

These guidance documents are designed to provide recovery strategies specific to natural subregion and ecological range sites. Further implementation strategies are provided such as; site preparation, timing of restoration activities, equipment, seed mixes and monitoring.

Other Resources

Tools and Resources are listed in the Principles, Guidelines and Tool policy above. Some additional resources are provided below through the Foothills Restoration Forum (FRF) and Prairie Conservation Forum (PCF). Note, many other useful resources to minimize surface disturbances in native grasslands can be found on these websites as well.


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Updated: Oct 22, 2018