Digital Integrated Dispositions

The Digital Integrated Dispositions (DIDs) digital mapping program provides an integrated mapping framework that supports an automated approval process and ensures more effective long-term management of activities on public land. This process reduces duplicate mapping and enables data sharing and electronic access to disposition and activity maps on public land. These benefits are similar to what has been realized through the cadastral and titles mapping initiatives.

Details of the specifications and activity types/purposes being mapped are available on the AltaLIS website under Products/Property/Dispositions/Sample tabs.

In addition to the existing fees, a mapping fee for application and amended plans was implemented effective August 1, 2005, for each of the activities to be mapped. A fee of $125 is charged for application plans and $50 for each amendment and renewal plan.

The Operations Division is responsible for the management of Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural, Public Land dispositions and reservation/notations in accordance with the Public Lands Act, and related legislation, regulations and policies.

Approximately 244 000 activities were on public lands as of April 1, 2009. Annual applications have been increasing over the past number of years and peaked at approximately 17 000 in the 2004/2005 fiscal year.

Presently each active surface activity is recorded on township mylars, new activities are added to these mylars as part of the approval process. Over time the township mylars have become congested, particularly in areas of the province with heavy activity, making readability difficult if not impossible.

The DIDs project will replace the hardcopy township mylars with a digital product that will provide users with a clear image of the integrated dispositions and the opportunity in the future to perform spatial queries on the activities.

An information letter in PDF format is available for download or viewing:

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