Wellsite Traverse Project

Since 1960, the Surveys Section has been responsible for the approval and storage of wellsite traverse survey plans within Alberta.


On December 1, 1997, Alberta Registries, Land Titles Offices began registering the wellsite traverse survey plans. Corrections made to wellsite traverse plans dated before December 1, 1997, are also being registered at Land Titles. The images distributed by the Surveys Section do not include corrections registered in Land Titles. It is the surveyor’s responsibility to obtain the most up-to-date data from Alberta Registries.

The branch scanned 5499 wellsite traverse plans, as well as 2526 index cards. Compact discs containing this data became available for distribution on September 15, 1998. The complete set is available for download from the Director of Surveys.

For more information, contact:

Director of Surveys
Environment and Parks
15th Floor Oxbridge Place
9820 - 106 Street NW
Edmonton Alberta Canada T5K 2J6
Phone: 780 427-3143
Fax: 780 427-1493
Email: DirectorofSurveys@gov.ab.ca

About the Data Set

The images are in a raster format, namely Group 4 Tag Image File Format (TIFF). The information is stored under two folders.

  • The Index folder contains TIFF image files of all wellsite traverse plans index cards stored by the Surveys and Technical Services Section. These index cards contain a township diagram showing the traverse plans pertaining to that township, as well as a list of the plans within the township.
  • The Wellsite folder contains the TIFF image file of the wellsite traverse plan identified by the vault number (the WS number) assigned to the plan by the Surveys Section. The folder also contains information for 338 plans dormant wellsite traverse plans.

    The Section provides this information to assist users in obtaining a copy of the plan or the information required from the surveyor or company responsible for the plan. A dormant wellsite traverse plan is a plan that has not been approved by the Surveys Section. If the surveyor or company is not available, the Section may have additional information to help the user.

Every attempt was made to acquire a complete set of wellsite plans, but two, WS108570 and WS122241, were still missing upon completion of the project.

Surveys Section used extensive methods and resources to obtain the best possible images from both its microfiche cards and paper copy material. Some of the images may still contain areas in which information is not readable.

If you discover such an area within a wellsite traverse plan image, please contact:

The Section will examine the image in question and determine whether it can be improved from the hard copy available at the Section. If the image cannot be improved from the copy stored at the Section, contact the original surveyor or company responsible for the plan. The Section will track those images that can be upgraded and investigate possible methods for distributing updated images to users.

System Requirements

A number of software packages that allow the user to view and print the images are available. Users should acquire a software package that will meet the requirements for their planned use of these images.

You can print the images using a standard laser printer. The ability to print large areas or enlarged sections of the image to a printer will depend on the choice of software. If you wish to reproduce the image at its true size, you will need a large format printer or plotter.


To allow users to search the data based on the Alberta Township System (Meridian, Range, Township) and/or by vault number(wellsite plan number), the Section developed a simple wellsite database using Microsoft Access 97.

The database is included with data set.

Image Types and File Formats

Raster and Vector Images

Raster and vector refer to the two main types of graphical images.

Raster images consist of a grid, or raster, of small squares or pixels. When working with these images, you edit groups of pixels rather than objects or shapes. Raster-based images are best for continuous-tone images like photographs or images created in painting programs or by scanning. Raster images are resolution-dependent; they appear jagged and lose detail if they are scanned or created at a low resolution and are then printed at a high resolution.

Vector images are made up of mathematically defined lines and curves called vectors. These resolution-independent images then have a specific location on a page, making it easy to resize, move, or change colour without losing detail. Vector-based programs are used by computer-assisted drafting (CAD) applications.

Raster vs, Vector Image Diagram

Tagged Image/Interchange File Format (TIFF)

Tagged Image/Interchange File Format (TIFF) is a file-storage format implemented on a wide array of computer systems; it is considered an industry standard. Versatility and compatibility make the TIFF image format the optimum choice for many projects. It works on both the Mac and PC platforms, supports almost any picture bit depth and allows various forms of compression.

Viewing and Printing Digital Registered Plans

If both images are in a TIFF format, the software and hardware configuration suitable for the wellsite traverse plan data will also view and print the images available through Land Titles offices.



The following images have been updated. Please click on the image to download. After download replace the images from the previous version with these new versions.

Image Folder Date of Update Description
121389.tif W4 October 06, 1999 Replaced with a better quality image.
3764.tif W5 October 06, 1999 Replaced with the correct image.
2913.tif W6 October 06, 1999 Replaced with a better quality image.
123577.tif W6 October 06, 1999 Replaced with a better quality image.
3012 W5 February 10, 2000 Moved image from W4 to W5 - Updated database.
116531 W5 February 10, 2000 Moved image from W6 to W5 - Updated database.
123835 W5 February 10, 2000 Moved image from W4 to W5 - Updated database.
3583.tif W5 May 18, 2000 Replaced with the correct image.
853.tif W6 October 12, 2000 Correction made to plan.
114766.tif W4 March 6, 2001 Replaced with a better quality image.
1894.tif W4 March 6, 2001 Replaced with a better quality image.
122062 W4 December 5, 2001 Moved image from W6 to W4 - Updated database
401.tif W6 November 30, 2004 Replaced with a better quality image.
104178.tif W6 January 11, 2007 Replaced with the correct image.
423084.tif W4 August 23, 2010 Replaced index card image with the correct image for 84-23-4.
309.tif W5 DVD January 24, 2018 Replaced image with an image containing a notification regarding existence of partial TWP 127.
1479.tif W6 DVD January 24, 2018 Replaced image with an image containing a notification regarding existence of partial TWP 127.

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