Alberta Land Trust Grant Program

Alberta Foothills

The Alberta Land Trust Grant Program focuses on conserving ecologically important areas to prevent habitat fragmentation, maintain biodiversity and preserve native landscapes.

Grants are available to eligible land trust organizations to help establish and administer new conservation easements on private land and/or manage new conservation projects on land trusts titled land. Conservation easements are legally binding voluntary agreements between a landowner and a land trust. When placed on the land title, an easement restricts future surface development but allows current activities, such as grazing, to continue. The landowner retains title. Grants through this program are not available for the purchase of land.

A land trust is a not-for-profit, non-government organization established to promote biodiversity conservation on private land. Any land trust currently operating in Alberta is eligible to apply but must provide other funding and demonstrate that their project aligns with the government’s overall conservation objectives.

The Alberta Land Stewardship Fund was established following changes in 2010 to the Public Lands Act, resulting from the Alberta Land Stewardship Act.

For information or to obtain an application package, contact:

The application deadline for the 2018/2019 grant cycle is September 17, 2018.


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