Land-use Planning

Land-use planning is a responsibility shared by the provincial government and local municipalities. It is governed by several pieces of legislation including the Public Lands Act (PLA) and Municipal Government Act (MGA).

The coordination of planning activities is a key factor in sustainable development and long-term use of public lands. It also helps achieve local economic development and land use objectives.

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It is important that municipal planning efforts complement provincial policies and initiatives. Especially as the municipalities adjust to the changing planning structure and their additional responsibilities in keeping with planning legislation of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and the Land Use Policies developed pursuant to Section 622 of the MGA.

Land Management Planning Initiatives

Luscar and Gregg River Mines Land Management Plan

The department has completed the Luscar and Gregg River Mines Land Management Plan. The plan establishes clear guidelines for access, protection and use of reclaimed lands in the Luscar and Gregg River mines area in the historic Coal Branch of the Eastern Slopes. The plan enables a "phasing-in" of certain land uses and public access over a number of years. Protecting the reclamation efforts and allowing it time to successfully establish will result in future economic, recreational and ecological benefits.

After considering the input provided by the public during the open house session held on January 27, 2010, Luscar and Gregg River Mines Land Management Plan Working Group completed the plan. It was approved by the department in September 2012.

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Fact sheets presented during the public open house session (January 27, 2010) in Hinton to explain the proposed vision, goals, objectives and strategies for the draft land management plan.

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