Pesticide Applicator Certification Program

Anyone providing a pesticide application service in Alberta requires a Pesticide Service Registration from Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP). Registered services must employ at least one certified applicator at each operation location.

Pesticide applicator certification is also required for:

  • Anyone applying Schedule 1 or 2 (Restricted and Commercial class) pesticides other than a "commercial agriculturalist*";
  • Anyone applying Schedule 3 (Domestic class) pesticides;
    • in a rental dwelling,
    • in the common indoor and outdoor areas of condominiums,
    • in or on the grounds of a school, hospital, nursing home, or daycare facilities,
    • application of pesticides on public lands.
  • Anyone applying a pesticide where the label specifies for use by "certified or authorized applicators".

A Pesticide Applicator Certificate is issued after meeting the pre-requisites and successfully completing the provincial Certification Exam. For training materials and exam requests, contact Lakeland College at:

  • Tel: 1 866 853-8646

*"Commercial agriculturalist" means a person who is engaged in agricultural production, but does not include a person who

  1. sells a pesticide or transfers a pesticide for sale,
  2. uses or applies a pesticide for hire or reward, or
  3. stores a pesticide to be sold, transferred, used or applied for reward.

For further information regarding Pesticide Service Registration, contact the nearest regional AEP office:

Program Structure

The Pesticide Applicator Certification Program is a collaborative effort between Lakeland College and AEP. It consists of:

  • Home Study Material
    • Available year-round
    • Requires 60-80 hours dedicated study time
    • consist of a core lesson (common to all certification categories) and a series of lessons that differ depending on the certification category
  • Classroom tutorials (optional)
    • 4 days in length
    • available at various colleges throughout Alberta
    • uses the Home Study materials as text
  • Certification exam
    • 1.5 - 4.5 hours in length
    • available primarily in an electronic writing format
    • are written at specified proctor centres throughout Alberta
    • specific to the class(es) of applicator certification
    • closed book

Pesticide applicator candidates may choose to challenge the exam without obtaining the Home Study course, however, the lesson material included in the course has been designed specifically to prepare prospective applicators for the exam.

Home Study Contents

The Pesticide Applicator Certificate Home Study Course consists of lesson materials and study guides. Anyone wishing to obtain a Pesticide Applicator Certificate should complete the study guides and use them to prepare for the provincial certification exam.

All candidates wanting to become a certified pesticide applicator in Alberta must understand the training material in the Core lesson and pass the Core certification exam. In addition, candidates must understand the training materials from at least one class of applicator listed below and pass the corresponding class specific certification exam:

  • Aerial (note: candidates must hold a valid flight crew licence issued by Transport Canada prior to qualifying for an Aerial Applicator Certificate)
  • Agriculture
  • Aquatic
  • Biting Fly (Mosquito Control)
  • Forestry
  • Fumigation (note: an individual must have held a Structural Pesticide Applicator Certificate for two years prior to qualifying for a Fumigation Applicator Certificate)
  • Fumigation: Restricted/Prohibited to Stored Agricultural Products Fumigation (note: a Structural Certificate is NOT a pre-requisite for this certificate.)
  • Greenhouse
  • Industrial
  • Landscape
  • Special - Interior Plantscape
  • Special - Seed Protectant
  • Special - Exterior Rodent Control
  • Special - Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates
  • Structural


Exams are based on the Standard for Pesticide Education, Training and Certification in Canada.

Lakeland College administers all provincial applicator certification exams.

Candidates require a grade of 70% or better in each section (Core and Category Specific Section) of the certification exam to qualify for certification. The exam for Special: Stump Treatment is available through the Industrial Vegetation Management Association at:

  • Tel: 780 433-0838

Exams are offered primarily in an electronic based format. After exam fees have been paid candidates will receive a password and an exam writing date at the proctor centre of their choice. Successful exam candidates will be issued a Pesticide Applicator Certificate by Lakeland College.

Pesticide Applicators Certificates are valid for up to a five-year period, at which time, re-certification requirements must be met prior to re-issuing the certificate.

For further information on the Pesticide Applicator Certificate Program, contact Lakeland College at:

  • Tel: 1 866 853-8646

Supplemental Training

The tutorial is optional and is intended for people who are pursuing their Pesticide Applicator Certificate. It reinforces understanding of the Pesticide Applicator Certificate Home Study course and provides preparation for the applicator exam. The tutorial consists of a series of workshops and hands-on labs. The Pesticide Applicator Certificate Home Study course is available from Lakeland College and must be obtained and reviewed prior to enrolling in any tutorial. The exam will be written on an individual basis at a later date.

Various colleges throughout Alberta offer pesticide applicator tutorials, usually in the spring of every year, though they may be available in the fall as well. Individuals must contact the college directly to register for a tutorial.


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