Domestic Vendors: Wholesale/Retail

Domestic Pesticides: Wholesale/Retail Vendor Requirements

The following information summarizes the regulatory requirements for the wholesale and retail sale of federally classified Domestic Class (Alberta classified Schedule 3 and 4) pesticides.

What authorizations are required to sell Domestic pesticides in Alberta?

Anyone who sells a Schedule 3 pesticide ("Domestic" class pesticide intended for lawn and garden use) at wholesale in Alberta is required to hold Wholesale Vendor Registration.

Anyone who sells a Schedule 3 pesticide at retail in Alberta must employ at least one Lawn and Garden Pesticide Dispenser (or Commercial Pesticide Dispenser or certified Pesticide Applicator) at each retail outlet. Lawn and Garden Pesticide Dispensers Certificates are issued by Olds College, Commercial Pesticide Dispenser Certificates and Pesticide Applicator Certificates are issued by Lakeland College. In addition, provisions for training of a Pesticide Dispenser Assistant have been included in the Environmental Code of Practice for Pesticides to assist Dispensers to ensure that appropriate sales and storage requirements continue to be administered when they are not available on site.

For further information contact:

  • Lakeland College
    Tel: 1 866 853-8646
  • Olds College
    Tel: 1 800 664-6537

There are no vendor or dispenser requirements to sell a Schedule 4 pesticide in Alberta, although the vendor must ensure that the display and/or storage of the pesticide is not likely to and/or does not cause an adverse effect.

An explanation of how pesticides are categorized in Alberta for sales and use can be found in the provincial pesticide regulations.

What are a Wholesale Vendor's responsibilities?

A registered Wholesale Pesticide Vendor may only sell these pesticides to retailers who employ a certified Lawn and Garden Pesticide Dispenser. A record of each Schedule 3 pesticide sale must be kept for five years. Each record must include the following information:

  • name and address of purchaser
  • purchaser's Wholesale, Retail Vendor Registration or Agrichemical Warehouse Standards Association (AWSA) Certificate number (if applicable)
  • Pesticide Dispenser or applicator certificate holder's name and certificate number (ensuring the certificate has not expired)
  • product name and quantity of pesticide(s) sold
  • date of shipment.

A summary of these sale records must be provided to Alberta Environment and Parks within 30 days of a written notice of request from the Director.

What are a Retail Vendor's responsibilities?

Each pesticide retailer is responsible for ensuring that:

  • pesticides are stored and displayed in an appropriate manner;
  • pesticide emergencies are responded to effectively;
  • unwanted pesticide and pesticide waste are disposed of in accordance with regulations; and
  • customers are assisted with product selection and product use information.

The following requirements must be followed by pesticide Wholesalers and Retailers.

Pesticides must be stored and displayed in a manner to prevent environmental contamination:

  • spill cleanup and protective equipment must be available for pesticide spills and staff responsible for pesticides must be knowledgeable regarding pesticide spill clean-up and fire response procedures (pesticide dispenser training provides this information).
  • floor drains in pesticide display area must be protected from release of a pesticide.
  • pesticides kept outdoors must be protected from rain, wind and other weather hazards.
  • pesticide spills that result in a release beyond the outlet (including odours) are reported to Alberta Environment and Parks within 24 hours (1-800-222- 6514).

For more information on reporting guidelines see the Release Reporting Guideline published by the department.

Additional Domestic (Schedule 3) pesticides storage and display requirements include:

  • cannot be stored within 30 horizontal metres of open water (unless authorized to store closer in a Special Use Approval) or on sites where the risk of flooding is less than a 24 hour, 1 in 25 year storm.
  • cannot be sold or displayed where groceries (fresh or frozen meat, fresh or frozen produce, fresh dairy products, unwrapped baked goods, etc.)are sold.
  • must be displayed a minimum distance of 3 metres and one aisle away from food, beverages and personal use items.
  • must be managed to ensure that food (packaged items such as cookies, nuts, candy, etc.); beverages; and personal use items (drugs, cosmetics, first aid and medical supplies, personal hygiene products and disposable diapers) are not subject to pesticide contamination.

Questions concerning pesticide Vendor Registration or certified Pesticide Dispensers, or any other pesticide regulatory requirement can be directed to the nearest regional office:

Copies of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and its regulations are available from:


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