Commercial Pesticide Dispenser Exams

The Commercial Pesticide Dispenser Certification exams are based on the Standard for Pesticide Education, Training and Certification in Canada. To arrange to write the certification exam call Lakeland College at:

  • Tel: 1 866 853-8646

Exams are primarily written through an electronic exam delivery format accessible through a number of exam writing locations throughout Alberta. Paper-based exam writing sessions may also be set-up depending on demand. After fees have been paid, an exam candidate will be sent a password which they bring (along with photo-identification) to the pre-arranged exam writing centre. Immediately after writing the exam, candidates can receive their exam grade. They will also receive confirmation of their marks (and their Commercial Pesticide Dispenser Certificate if they have passed the exam) by mail from Lakeland College. A Commercial Pesticide Dispenser Certificate is valid for up to a five-year period. To renew the certificate, a dispenser must re-apply for a new certificate.

For further information on the Commercial Pesticide Dispenser Certificate Program, contact Lakeland College at:


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Updated: Dec 6, 2016