Pesticide Sales

Pesticide sales in Alberta are regulated at all levels of distribution and sale to end-users including:

  • Wholesale pesticide vendors selling pesticides identified in Schedule 1 or 2 (federally classed Restricted and Commercial pesticides) or pesticides identified in Schedule 3 (primarily federally classed Domestic pesticides) must hold a Wholesale Vendor Registration.
  • Retail pesticide vendors selling pesticides identified in Schedules 1 and 2 must hold a valid Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association (AWSA) Certificate or a Pesticide Vendor Registration and employ at least one individual at each Retail outlet who holds a recognized Commercial Pesticide Dispenser Certificate.
  • Retail outlets selling pesticide identified in Schedule 3 must employ at least one individual at each Retail outlet who holds a Lawn & Garden Pesticide Dispenser Certificate.

To view information on Schedules 1, 2 and 3, see:

The Agri-chemical industry and Alberta Environment and Parks share a common goal to minimize the risk of pesticides to human health and the environment. Commercial Pesticide Vendors must comply with government and industry pesticide storage requirements, and they must ensure that only qualified people receive Schedule 1 and 2 pesticide products. Schedule 1 and 2 pesticides may only be sold to:

  • certified pesticide applicators,
  • Pesticide Service Registration holders,
  • Bonafide farmers, ranchers, commercial greenhouse operators and market gardeners.*
  • a number of specified Commercial pesticides are available to acreage owners and hobby greenhouse operators. A list of the specified Commercial class pesticide active ingredients is included in the Environmental Code of Practice for Pesticides.

*NOTE: In cases where the label specifies "For use by certified or qualified applicator only", the pesticide may NOT be sold to non-certified farmers, commercial greenhouse operators and market gardeners.

A document has been developed to assist vendors in determining who can purchase and use pesticides in Alberta.

The document identifies the following information:

  • Active ingredient and concentration of the pesticide
  • Alberta Schedule (Schedule 1 to 4) and information about who can purchase and use the pesticide
  • Federal Classification of the product (Restricted, Commercial or Domestic)
  • Listing of pesticides available for sale to acreage owners
  • Mandatory Certification Requirement that identifies the type of certificate the vendor must obtain from the purchaser prior to sale of the pesticide
  • Pest Control Products Act Registration number and product name
  • Product expiry date after which the product cannot be sold in Alberta
  • Re-evaluation Status as identified by Health Canada - Pest Management Regulatory Agency
  • Type of pesticide (e.g., insecticide, herbicide, fungicide etc.)

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