Commercial Retail Vendor Requirements

The information presented in this webpage summarizes regulatory requirements for the retail sale of federally classified Restricted and Commercial pesticides (classified in Alberta as Schedule 1 and 2 pesticides). This information is not applicable to federally classified Domestic pesticides (classified in Alberta as Schedule 3 and 4 pesticides).

What authorizations are required to sell pesticides in Alberta?

Any operation that sells a "Restricted" or "Commercial" class pesticide at retail in Alberta is required to:

  • hold a Pesticide Retail Vendor Registration OR
  • hold a valid Agrichemical Warehouse Standards Association (AWSA) Certificate


  • employ at least one Commercial Pesticide Dispenser Certificate holder (or certified Pesticide Applicator) at each outlet to maintain a valid registration or AWSA Certificate.

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In situations where the operation sells pesticides and provides a pesticide application service, the operation must employ a pesticide applicator and hold both a Pesticide Vendor Registration and Service Registration.

NOTE: Provisions for training of a Pesticide Dispenser Assistant have been included in the Environmental Code of Practice for Pesticides to assist dispensers to ensure that appropriate sales and storage requirements continue to be administered when they are not available on site.

An operation that only sells a Restricted or Commercial class pesticide at retail that is registered for use on livestock or farm buildings (bedding, corrals, barns, pens, stables and other livestock enclosures) is exempt from the vendor and dispenser requirement. These pesticides are classified in Alberta as Schedule 4 pesticides (exempt). The Registered Pesticide Product Listing identifies all Schedule 4 pesticides. The holder of a Pesticide Retail Vendor Registration is responsible for ensuring that:

  • pesticides are stored in accordance to with the regulations for the Agrichemical Warehouse Standards Association;
  • pesticide emergencies are reported (1-800-222-6514) and cleaned up appropriately;
  • only authorized persons purchase pesticide; and
  • records of pesticide sales are maintained.

Pesticide Storage Requirements

To reduce the risk of pesticides contaminating the environment, Restricted and Commercial Class pesticides must be stored in accordance to the regulations. The Pesticide Storage Regulatory Requirements and Guidelines (Schedule 1 & 2) document is a summary of the regulatory requirements and operational guidelines for the safe display, storage and handling of pesticides and the management of pesticide releases. Details of the pesticide storage regulations are included in the Pesticide Sales, Handling, Use and Application Regulation, which can be found at:

CropLife Canada has implemented its own industry requirements for pesticide storage through the Agrichemical Warehousing Standards Association (AWSA). Virtually all major suppliers of commercial herbicides, insecticides and fungicides will be subject to these requirements.

Emergency Response Requirements

The holder of a pesticide Retail Vendor Registration must ensure pesticide related emergencies are responded to in an appropriate manner by ensuring that:

  • persons responsible for the storage or display areas are knowledgeable in spill clean-up and fire response procedures;
  • emergency response equipment is available where pesticides are sold, stored or displayed;
  • material safety data sheets and copies of the pesticide labels for each pesticide in storage and emergency telephone numbers are accessible; and
  • pesticide spills that result in a release beyond the outlet (including odours) are reported to Alberta Environment and Parks within 24 hours (1-800- 222-6514).

For more information on chemical release reporting requirements, see the Release Reporting Guideline published by Alberta Environment.

Purchaser Restrictions

Ensuring that pesticides are sold only to qualified users and providing product information are important retail vendor responsibilities.

A retail vendor may only sell Restricted and Commercial class pesticides to:

  • the holder of a valid Pesticide Service Registration
  • a certified Pesticide Applicator
  • a Commercial Agriculturalist (farmer) when they are applying pesticides on their own land (or land they rent or lease)
  • a rural acreage owner and a hobby greenhouse operator providing the pesticide and purposes are listed in Section 17 of the Environmental Code of Practice for Pesticides published by the Department, see the Registered Pesticide Product Listing for a list of pesticide active ingredients that are in this category.

Record Keeping Requirements

Retail vendors must record each Restricted and Commercial Class pesticide sale and retain these records for a period of five years. Each record must include the following information:

  • name and mailing address of the purchaser
  • product name and total quantity sold
  • date of sale
  • purchaser's Service Registration number or Applicator Certificate number.
  • where the purchaser is a Commercial Agriculturalist or an acreage owner, the purchaser's legal land location or other means of confirmation that the individual is a bonafide farmer.

Questions concerning pesticide Vendor Registration or certified Pesticide Dispensers, or any other pesticide regulatory requirement can be directed to the nearest regional office:

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