Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities

There are several types of upstream oil and gas facilities in Alberta, including oil and gas batteries, compressor stations, as well as oilfield injection and treating facilities. Batteries are the most numerous.

A battery is an upstream facility in an oil or natural gas field that collects raw oil or natural gas from one or more wells. Oil, gas and water are separated at this facility, impurities removed and the purified liquids are piped for further processing or distribution. Water may be piped to an injection well where it is disposed into a geologic formation deep beneath the earth's surface.

Alberta Environment and Parks' role

Alberta has more than 14,000 oilfield and in excess of 5,600 gas batteries facilities.

The department's role is to develop and update regulatory criteria for their surface reclamation and contaminant cleanup. Soil contamination guidelines (salt, metals, hydrocarbons) are being developed or revised, based on new research for enhanced site management and material handling at battery sites.


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Updated: Aug 31, 2015