Industrial Land Use

Alberta Environment and Parks plays a major role in regulating industrial land use, along with:

  • Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (agriculture)
  • Alberta Energy (oil, gas and coal)
  • Alberta Transportation (road, rail and airports)

Municipal governments also are extensively involved in development and land use issues, both in rural and urban areas.

The area of Alberta used now and in the past for industrial activities is not well documented. Moreover, recent economic activity has made it challenging to measure and manage land use and development pressures.

Alberta’s Land-use Framework, released in December 2008, sets out a new approach for managing the province’s land and natural resources to achieve Alberta’s long-term economic, environmental and social goals.

Also under way is an Integrated Land Management initiative, which encourages cooperation among land users.

Ensuring that development proceeds in a sustainable manner is a focal point of integrated resource management and the development of regional strategies in partnership with governments, industry and the public.

For more information, see the Ecology and Society report:


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Updated: Aug 28, 2015