Land Surveys

The Land Surveys Unit, through the Director of Surveys, is responsible for coordinating the establishment, maintenance and preservation of Alberta’s land survey system.

Property boundaries governing the extent of interest in land are maintained and preserved within the land survey system under the authority of the following acts of legislation:

In meeting this mandate, the Unit administers the following projects:

  • Field Book Scanning Project
  • Township Records Revision Project
  • Wellsite Traverse Project

Field Book Scanning Project

Field books containing historical survey data related to Alberta’s township system were sent to the Alberta Government from Ottawa circa 1930. Microfilms of the original field books were then created and sent to Alberta's Provincial Archives, where they now reside. The microfilms were used to distribute paper copies of the field books to clients.

In the summer of 2000, the Director of Surveys office scanned all of the microfilm rolls and entered into an agreement with Alberta Government Services to provide the resulting 220,000 scanned images on the Spatial Information System (SPIN) web application. SPIN allows province-wide graphic or text-based search for specific types of Government of Alberta land-related information. The product became available through SPIN on April 18, 2005. SPIN. For more information on SPIN, see:

For more information about field book distribution, see:

For more information on the field book scanning project, contact:

Township Records Revision Project (TRRP)

The Surveys and Technical Services Section, under the authority of Section 30(4) of the Surveys Act, intends to update and revise all townships. The final product, derived from original field notes or other official records, could then be relied upon to contain correct and updated survey information about Alberta’s township system. Overall, this would reduce errors, lessen confusion in future, reduce costs and strengthen the integrity of Alberta’s the land survey system.

Under the Township Records Revision Project (TRRP), a deficiency or defect is defined as a clerical discrepancy between township field notes and a township plan. TRRP is not intended to correct survey errors that may have occurred during the original township survey. Many of these survey errors are discovered and documented by secondary survey plans.

For more information about the TRRP, including the main categories of official plans to be investigated, see:

Wellsite Traverse Project

The Surveys and Technical Services Section is responsible for the approval and storage of wellsite traverse survey plans within Alberta.

The branch scanned 5499 wellsite traverse plans, as well as 2526 index cards. Compact discs containing this data became available for distribution on September 15, 1998.

For more information about the wellsite traverse project, including the products available on compact disc, see:


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