Geodetic Control Unit

The role of the Geodetic Control Unit is to advance the provincial Canadian Spatial Reference System (CSRS), and to maintain and improve it as surveying and positioning technologies evolve.

This is done through the Alberta Survey Control (ASC) network, which serves as the provincial spatial referencing system of the CSRS.

Geodetic Control Products

Coverage consists of a network of approximately 29,500 Alberta Survey Control Markers (ASCMs) throughout Alberta, each distinguished by a brass tablet stamped with an identifying number.

  • Positional data consist of both horizontal and vertical coordinates, as well as further details about the marker and its relationship to other markers within a defined area.
  • Survey Control Marker coordinates are published in geographical format (i.e., latitude and longitude).
  • Coordinates are also available as Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) and/or 3-degree Transverse Mercator (3TM) mapping plane values.

Below is a listing of the various products available through the Geodetic Control Unit.

Geodetic Product Details

Geodetic Fact Sheets

Alberta Survey Control (ASC) Product Manual

Guidelines for Alberta Survey Control Using GPS

ASCM Condition Report

ASCM Rural Index Maps

ASCM Urban Index Maps

Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) Baseline Guidelines

NAD27 ASCM Listings

NAD83 (CSRS) Subset Data

Additional Products


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