Director of Surveys

The Director of Surveys is an Alberta Land Surveyor employed by the Alberta government and designated by the Minister of Alberta Environment and Parks to administer Alberta's Surveys Act.

Surveys Act

Under the Surveys Act, the Director of Surveys

  • Coordinates the establishment, maintenance and preservation of the provincial land survey system
  • Provides the provincial spatial referencing system

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Surveys Act Administration

Administration of the Surveys Act is accomplished through the Land Surveys and Geodetic Control programs.

Find news on policy updates, services provided and products available as part of the administration of the Surveys Act:

Dual Registration of Public Land Surveys

The purpose of this document is to assist staff of the Surveys and Technical Services Section and other stakeholders, primarily Alberta Land Surveyors, to deal with registration of public land surveys in a uniform and consistent manner.

Related links

Listed below are various websites used by the Director of Surveys. This is not an endorsement of the sites.

  • Alberta Land Surveyors' Association

    The website of the geomatic professionals, Alberta Land Surveyors contains information on the survey profession in Alberta.

  • Alberta Registries' Spatial Information System (SPIN)

    SPIN allows province-wide graphic or text-based search for specific types of Government of Alberta land-related information. This information includes registered survey plans and the Director of Surveys official plan set and official field notes.

  • AltaLIS Limited

    The agent for Spatial Data Warehouse Ltd., AltaLIS is responsible for making Alberta's base mapping infrastructure more available, accessible, accurate and affordable.

For information regarding changes in natural boundaries and the Crown’s ownership assessment of the bed and shore of water bodies, please see:


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