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Information Requirements for Regulated Pipelines
Land Capability Classification System for Forest Ecosystems in the Oil Sands 3rd Edition
Volume 1: Field Manual for Land Capability Determination
Lands – Directives
Lands - Forms
Lands - Guides for Forms Completion
Lands – Information Letters
Native Plant Revegetation Guidelines for Alberta
Plan Amendment Guidelines For An Approved Integrated Resource Plan
Regeneration Standards for the Mineable Oil Sands
Revegetation Using Native Plant Materials – Guidelines for Industrial Development Sites
R&R 03-3
Sites Reclaimed Using Natural Recovery Methods – Guidance on Site Assessment
R&R 03-6
Siting an Upstream Oil and Gas Site in an Environmentally Sensitive Area on Private Land
R&R 03-2
Soil Conservation and Pipeline Construction Manual
Upstream Oil and Gas Authorizations and Consultation Guide

The Government of Alberta has developed the Upstream Oil and Gas Authorizations and Consultation Guide (the Guide) to provide industry with a central reference tool for upstream oil and gas development activities. It references conventional and unconventional oil and gas developments and activities, in-situ oil sands but not mineable oil sands projects. The Guide clarifies processes by identifying common authorizations such as approvals, licenses, dispositions, permits and registrations that are required from Alberta Energy, AEP, and the AER.

The Guide is available on the AER website.

Weed Management on Industrial Sites
R&R 12-01
Wellsite Construction – Guidelines for No-Strip and Reduced Disturbance
R&R 03-7
Zoo Standards


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