Climate Change Adaptation Framework

The Climate Change Adaptation Framework is a risk management process developed for Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) to:

  • Assess the impacts of climate change on department core business areas
  • Provide a tool to help department business areas adapt to climate change impacts

A guidance manual for the Framework was developed for AEP to structure climate change adaptation planning. This manual is available for use by other government or non-government organizations interested in developing a climate change risk management process.

  • Climate Change Adaptation Framework Manual
    The Climate Change Adaptation Framework Manual is intended to help organizations anticipate and prepare for the economic and ecological impacts of climate change in a comprehensive and consistent manner.

    The manual follows a straightforward process including:

    • Identifying the scope of the assessment and communicating expectations to all team members involved;
    • Conducting activities to identify organizational vulnerabilities;
    • Prioritizing risks; and,
    • Identifying a suite of potential adaptation options.

Related Information

AEP is also responsible for provincial policies regarding climate change. For more information, visit:


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Updated: Jul 24, 2018