User ID for Industry Online Services

User ID for EDS, LAT & PCS

Upstream oil and gas clients (i.e., industry, company representatives, land agents, land administrators, consultants) using the Enhanced Approval Process require a Government of Alberta User Account ID and password for to access SecureXnet and the following online services:

  • Electronic Disposition System (EDS)
  • Landscape Analysis Tool (LAT)
  • Plan Confirmation Service (PCS)

All clients submitting applications for the dispositions with the specified purpose codes for EZE, LOC, MSL, PLA, PIL, REA, SML and VCE disposition types require a User ID to access EDS and PCS.

How to Get a User ID for EDS, LAT & PCS

Allow 7 to 10 business days for processing. Complete the EDS, LAT & PCS User ID Request Form request form found under the User IDs & Client IDs for access to Industry Online Services category at:

Electronic Consent

To do business with the department electronically, you must give your consent. For details and access to a consent form, refer to Electronic Consent at:

Accessing Electronic Assignments

Clients must have an Electronic Transfer System (ETS) Account to participate in the electronic assignment process, see:

For information regarding how to acquire an ETS account, visit the Alberta Energy website at:


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Updated: Sep 23, 2015