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Step Two - Application Submission

Submitting Your Formal Disposition Application

Once you have completed the pre-application planning for your disposition, you will be able to submit your application to Environment and Parks (AEP) (the Department) or the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) (the Agency). Below is a summary of some key things you should be aware of while making an application submission.

All these steps are available in more detail at:

Additional information on how to complete supplements and other information for formal dispositions can be found at:

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1. Non-Refundable Application Fee

All formal disposition applications submitted to AEP are subject to a non-refundable application fee as defined in the Public Lands Rents and other Amounts Payable Order (Ministerial Order 28/2015). To view the order, see:

NOTE: Submissions made to AER do not require an application fee, but other incidental charges may apply.

2. Electronic Disposition System (EDS) Submission

Most applications must be submitted through the Electronic Disposition System (EDS). For exceptions to the EDS application submission process, see Section 4 below.

Refer to the following manuals for details on accessing and using EDS.

  • Electronic Disposition System Access and Navigation User Manual
  • EDS – Surface Dispositions User Manual

These manuals and additional information on EDS are accessible at:

3. Instructions for Specific Types of Operations

Information on the unique requirements for associated dispositions, access roads, and planning for temporary incidental activities.

A disposition application requirements guide for Commercial, Industrial and Recreational Operations.

4. Exceptions to EDS Application Submissions

The following are submitted partially as a paper application with all the required documentation, and should be submitted by e-mail instead of through EDS:

  • Surface Material Exploration (SME)
  • Surface Material Licence (SMC)

A digital plan is still required for these dispositions. Application requirements are the same for paper applications and for applications submitted through EDS.

Refer to the Guide for full details on these submissions.

5. Public Lands Disposition Required Components

Ensure you have met all the requirements and that you have attached all relevant documents:

All applications are required to include:

  • Consents
  • File Number for Consultation (FNC)
  • Landscape Analysis Tool (LAT) report
  • Land Standing report
  • Plan Confirmation Number
  • Supplements

Applicants may choose to submit a Cover Letter describing the details of the project. The Department considers this optional.

Incomplete formal disposition applications will be rejected upon review, and application fees will not be refunded.


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