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Application Disposition Process and Tracking

Application Disposition Process and Tracking (ADEPT)

The Operations Division is responsible for the management of geophysical, industrial, commercial and agricultural public land dispositions in accordance with the Public Lands Act, Mines and Minerals Act and related legislation, regulations and policies. The Operations Division has taken a phased approach to automating the business processes required to meet legislative requirements.

The opportunity provided by this automated system will ensure that geophysical clients are provided with efficient and consistent service from government departments providing access to Alberta’s resources. Application Disposition Process and Tracking (ADEPT) provides a solution that includes the following features:

  • Ability to submit geophysical Preliminary, Amendment, and Final Plans.
  • Ability to upload an encrypted compressed file containing geophysical plans and meta data file.
  • Ability to perform real time validation. Business rule violations will be displayed back to the industry client at the time of data entry to the database.
  • Ability to notify client of unsuccessful submission and errors.
  • Ability to automatically notify the industry client of the geophysical number. For further information please visit the sites below:
    • Information Package- May 30, 2002 (14 pages, <1 MB)
    • Digital Geophysical Submission Specifications– Apr 4, 2012 (34 pages, <1 MB)
      These specifications were jointly developed by Land Dispositions Branch (LDB) and Resource Information Management Branch (RIMB) of Lands Division. Industry is represented by members of:
      • the Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC)
      • the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)
      • the Small Energy Producers Association of Canada (SEPAC)
    • Frequently Asked Questions

For information on the policy and procedures for submitting the Geophysical Field Report Form refer to:


Business Operations Unit
Phone: 780 427-3570


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