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Industry Online Services

Electronic Consent

The department updated its application processes and systems and is working to enhance how disposition approvals are provided to clients. As such, in order to do business with the department via electronic means, you must consent to:

  • Using electronic signatures.
  • Being bound with the same force as though you had affixed your signature on paper when you concur electronically.
  • Receiving all documents, required disclosures, notices and statements, including any changes in terms, in electronic form (either posted to our website or in an e-mail to you).

Electronic Consent Form Instructions and Download

Please have the Electronic Consent form signed by an authorized representative of the company and returned to the department as directed on the form instructions. See:

Application/Amendment Status Check Request

Effective Tuesday, December 21, 2010, status requests will be electronically submitted online through the Electronic Disposition System (EDS)

Online Services

The department has implemented the following sites related to the online submission of public land surface disposition applications, amendments, assignments and geophysical activities.

For further information, links, and FAQ's about a specific online service, please visit the respective site below.

  • Application Disposition Processing and Tracking (ADEPT)

    ADEPT is the system currently used by the department to administer and manage geophysical activities.

    • The web-enabled ADEPT application links the client community with department headquarters in Edmonton and with the field component of the Operations Division.
    • ADEPT also ties together the textual and spatial components for Decision Support and Management reporting, transaction processing and office information.
  • Electronic Assignments (EA)

    EA allows clients to submit requests for assignment of surface dispositions electronically, to the department.

    The service was developed in cooperation with Alberta Energy through their Electronic Transfers System (ETS). Electronic Assignments was implemented June 19, 2006.

  • Electronic Disposition System (EDS)

    The EDS, implemented on June 5, 2006, allows clients to electronically submit applications/amendments and associated documents, such as

    • Consents
    • EFR
    • Code of practice
    • Plan packages for specified surface dispositions

      Additionally, EDS allows clients to submit Area Operating Agreement (AOA) Monthly Status Reports.
  • Plan Confirmation Service (PCS)

    The PCS, implemented on June 5, 2006, allows clients to virus check, level check, zip and encrypt plan packages prior to submitting to the department through EDS.

    Plan packages that are approved by the system will be processed, encrypted and sent back to the submitter with a confirmation number.


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