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Berland Smoky Integrated Planning Area – Direction for Access Development

The above record includes the following maps:

  • Berland Smoky Network Plan: Priority Areas for Caribou Habitat Restoration
  • Berland Smoky Network Plan: Priority Areas for Restoration of Fish Population and Habitats
IL 2013-01
C&R IL 00-3
C&R IL 98-3, Changes to Identification of Major Surface Concerns on Private Land


IL 2006-06:
Electronic Disposition System (EDS) Application Process for Oil & Gas Activities (MSL, LOC, PLA, PIL)



IL 2010-01: Application Processing for Oil Sands Exploration and Coal Exploration Programs Standard Operating Procedure
C&R IL 98-2
C&R IL 01-4
IL 2011-02: Pre-Construction Wildlife Surveys & Restricted Activity Periods for Agricultural Disposition Improvements (Prairies/Grasslands Natural Region)
IL 2010-02: Foothills Fescue Grasslands Principles for Minimizing Surface Disturbance


IL 2003-02: EUB Guide 55 and Requirement for Landowner Consent to Pump Collected Surface Run-on/Runoff Waters
Roadway Development Administered under the Public Lands Act
IL 2011-01: Sale of Public Land to Municipalities for Works (As Specified)



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