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Ordering Air Photo Products

Before You Order

Do you have your legal land description?

The most important piece of information required to access any land location is the legal land description of the area you would like to cover. Legal land descriptions are determined from the Alberta Township Survey (ATS). For details on the ATS and legal land descriptions, see:

If the legal land description is unknown, visit:

Do you have your air photo product type?

The type of air photo products and their intended use will also assist in processing of the order. To view a list of the air photo products offered by Air Photo Distribution, see:

Have you searched the Aerial Photographic Record System (APRS)?

Search online using our external Aerial Photographic Record System (APRS) website. APRS is the database program that is used to find photographic projects covering a specific section or a group/block of sections. Block searches are not as accurate as section searches.

To complete a search:

  • Enter the legal description starting with the Section and followed by the Township, Range and Meridian.
  • Only use the numerical values of a legal description separated by dashes. Example: 34-50-23-4.
  • A list of projects will appear with links to flight index maps.
  • Click on the project number to view/download the flight index map.
  • Locate your legal on the flight index map and select the dot (represents photo centre) closest to your site/location. In most cases, only every fifth dot is identified on the index map, the intermediate dots/photo centres are not numbered but are photo centres as well.
  • On some flight index maps the intermediate photo centres are not shown and must be interpolated.
  • Determine the roll number (usually located in the legend block or at the beginning or end of the flight lines or on the flight line). The roll number has prefix of 2-4 characters, e.g. "AS, TRSG, ED".
  • For more information, please read the "README File" contained in the "zipped file" appearing with each flight index map.

Hours of operation

APRS is available 24/7 but is only supported from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Place Your Order

Ordering from the Air Photo Distribution Office

We will deliver the Roll and Print numbers on your order form. We do not guarantee coverage of your area of interest. To ensure you’ve ordered the right photos with the desired coverage, you can visit the Air Photo Library in Edmonton and access our digital files and hard copies. See the section below, "Contact".

Air Photo Distribution Order Forms

Right mouse click on the listed links and select Save As to save order forms to your hard drive. Clicking on the links will open the form within your browser.


Once you place your request/order by email to Air Photo Distribution:

An internal "AP" order is generated. Once the order is ready for processing, we forward the "AP" order number, dollar amount and your contact information to GPAS (Government Payment Application Service). GPAS will contact you by email. It will contain a link to the payment processing centre. Follow the link; enter your credit card information (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) and the transaction will be processed. GPAS will notify Air Photos to release your "AP" order and upload/ship the products.


The distribution of Aerial photography through Air Photo Distribution is provided as a service to the user and the information is copyrighted to the Government of Alberta.

Use Constraint

Redistribution of Aerial photography products obtained through Air Photo Distribution in whole or in part, whether alone or as part of a value added product, is not permitted without the prior written consent of Informatics Branch on behalf of the Minister of Environment and Parks, Government of Alberta. Products used in any publication must acknowledge the source as the Government of Alberta.

Distribution Liability

The Crown in right of Alberta, the Minister and her employees and agents, shall not be liable for any claims, costs, losses, or damages, including any special, indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage, which the user may incur or experience as a result of the use or possession of the information or associated storage media.


Air Photo Library
2nd floor East, Muriel Stanley Venne Provincial Centre
12360 142 Street NW
Edmonton AB T5L 2H1

Tel: 780 427-3520


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