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Air Photo Products

All air photo products are produced on a "demand" basis. Normal turnaround time from receipt of payment: for standard photo orders: 5 (business days); for custom photo orders (enlargements, custom scans): 10 (business days). A copy of each aerial photograph is available for viewing in the Air Photo Distribution reference library.

Air photo scales

Aerial photographs are taken at many different scales. Common scales are:

  • 1: 5 000 (approx. 12" = 1 mile) => radius from centre of image is 0.25 miles
  • 1:10 000 (approx. 6" = 1 mile) => radius from centre of image is 0.5 miles
  • 1:15 000 (approx. 4" = 1 mile) => radius from centre of image is 1 mile
  • 1:20 000 (approx. 3" = 1 mile) => radius from centre of image is 1.5 miles
  • 1:30 000 (approx. 2" = 1 mile) => radius from centre of image is 2 miles
  • 1:40 000 (approx. 1.5" = 1 mile) => radius from centre of image is 3.5 miles
  • 1:60 000 (approx. 1" = 1 mile) => radius from centre of image is 4 miles

Air photo types

Air Photo Distribution manages and distributes a collection of over 1.5 million aerial photographs taken from 1949 to 2012, for 15,500 different projects. Most of these photographs are black and white; however, some areas have been photographed in colour or false colour. The projects were flown at different scales and on various dates. To see what is included in the collection, see.

Products and pricing

Copies of aerial photographs may be purchased as the following products:

Digital Imagery

Aerial photographs are available in digital format. The digital files contain no geo-referencing and no correction for distortion. We scan 25x25 cm contact prints at 1200 dots-per-inch (dpi) and deliver in a MrSID compression file format. Higher dpi values and different file types are available upon request (see custom scanning charge pricing below). MrSID file format is directly supported by the major geographic information system (GIS) programs. Other free MrSID viewers are also available for download from the Air Photo Distribution FTP site. For further information about photo scanning and compression capability please call 780-427-3520.

Product Description

Price per item

Scan of Contact Print (minimum 1200 dpi)
We will send the highest quality and resolution we have available


Custom Scanning (special instructions or enlargement)


Scan of Alberta Photogrammetric Control Points
(1980’s 1:60,000 limited selection)



Air Photo Distribution offers High Definition (HD) prints produced from the Air Photo Distribution Reference Library collection of contact prints or digital files, using a 2400 lines-per-inch (lpi) laser copier.

Enlargements are created from scanned prints or digital files and printed at 2400 lpi.

Product Description

Price per item

Laser Copier Print (2400 lpi)


Laser Copier Print (2400 lpi) of Enlargement


Other Products and Delivery charges

Product Description

Price per item

Camera Calibration Report


Delivery by FTP (MrSID format)


Recording Medium (cd/dvd)


Courier Surcharge



The distribution of Aerial photography through Air Photo Distribution is provided as a service to the user and the information is copyrighted to the Government of Alberta.

Use Constraint

Redistribution of Aerial photography obtained through Air Photo Distribution in whole or in part, whether alone or as part of a value added product, is not permitted without the prior written consent of Informatics Branch on behalf of the Minister of Environment and Parks, Government of Alberta. Products used in any publication must acknowledge the source as the Government of Alberta.

Distribution Liability

The Crown in right of Alberta, the Minister and her employees and agents, shall not be liable for any claims, costs, losses, or damages, including any special, indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage, which the user may incur or experience as a result of the use or possession of the information or associated storage media.


Air Photo Library
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