Improve Knowledge of Grizzly Bears

This strategy has increased understanding of grizzly bears numbers in Alberta and the mortality, health and cub survival that influence the overall population numbers.

Inventory of Grizzly Bear Populations

Innovative research techniques have been used to monitor changes in the southwest Alberta grizzly bear population.

Read more about how the research has been done and how many grizzly bears the study has identified:

Other studies have directly contributed to our understanding of grizzly bear numbers in Alberta:

DNA census for population and density estimate reports can be found on the Open Government Portal at:

The reports provided on the Portal are as follows:

  • DNA Population Estimate Report 2008
  • DNA Population Estimate Report 2007
  • DNA Population Estimate Report 2006
  • DNA Population Estimate Report 2005
  • DNA Population Estimate Report 2004
  • DNA Census for Population & Density Estimate - 2004-06 Backgrounder
  • Estimation of Grizzly Bear Population for Swan Hills

Additional Grizzly Research

Other research has helped illustrate the success of various management techniques on the overall health of Alberta’s grizzly bears. To learn more about these other research projects, as well as other the agencies conducting grizzly bear research, see:


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