West Nile Virus & Wildlife

West Nile virus (WNv) lives in a wide range of bird species, and occasionally in some mammals including horses and humans.

Wildlife generally are not affected by the virus and infection is not a cause for concern. However, the potential for West Nile virus to infect humans led the province of Alberta to establish a provincial West Nile virus response team prior to arrival of the virus in the province.

The ongoing team includes representatives from provincial departments associated with health, agriculture, wildlife, and municipal affairs. Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is responsible for implementing programs associated with wildlife.

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West Nile virus individual bird surveillance discontinued in Alberta

In 2007, the provincial West Nile virus response team determined that dead bird surveillance since 2002 had achieved the program goals and no longer provided a significant indicator of West Nile virus presence in the province.

As such, West Nile virus surveillance of individual birds was discontinued in Alberta. Clusters of bird mortalities continue to be investigated, with West Nile virus included as one of the potential causes of death.

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