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Survey of Farmed Deer & Elk

Alberta’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development works closely with the cervid industry to develop programs to look for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in farmed cervids (members of the deer family).

Current programs include

  • Mandatory examination of heads of farmed elk or deer at least one year old that die for any reason, including slaughter. Meat from slaughter animals is held until negative test results are determined at the lab and then forwarded to the slaughter plant.
  • Stringent control and assessment of all disease risks, including CWD, before any importation of captive elk and deer into Alberta occurs.

Chronic Wasting Disease became a federal reportable disease in spring 2001 and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has a national program of CWD surveillance and control in farmed cervids.

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For more information about CWD surveillance for farmed elk and deer in Alberta, visit the Agriculture and Rural Development website at:


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Posted: Jan 14, 2015