Ground Beetles


There are more kinds of beetles than any other group of insects. More than 400 000 species are known.

In Alberta, the most commonly seen beetles in yards and gardens are ground beetles. They are often found under rocks and boards. Many ground beetles decrease in numbers where herbicides and pesticides are used.

Natural armour
  • Beetles are insects with a hard outer cover.
  • Their front pair of wings are hard shields that cover the second pair of wings on their backs. The second pair is used for flight.
Food and feeding
  • Ground beetles are predatory as both larvae and adults, and most are active at twilight and night.
  • They destroy many garden pests. The common, black ground beetles eat up to four times their own weight of pests per day.
  • Most beetle species lay their eggs in the early fall and overwinter as larvae.


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Updated: Apr 8, 2009