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Species at Risk Alberta Guide

Species at Risk Guide

Learn more about Alberta’s Species at Risk! Check out these amazing species in this colourful and informative new guidebook.

Review detailed information about Alberta’s wild species at risk. Available resources include:

  • Detailed status reports
  • Fact sheets and profiles
  • Management plans
  • Recovery plans
  • Species at Risk program reports
  • Wild species general information

Please note that publication and web resource availability will vary for each species or category listed.

Species at Risk Information

Related Information

  • Education Resources
    Review this page for various Species at Risk educational resources for Alberta educators.
  • Wildlife Land Use Guidelines
    Review recommended wildlife land use guidelines for all industrial and non-industrial land-use activities not covered by the Enhanced Approval Process (EAP).
  • Wildlife Sensitivity Maps – Data Sets
    Data for industrial operators, government departments and the general public showing the best information currently available on the extent of wildlife sensitivities in Alberta.


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Updated: Aug 17, 2018