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Species at Risk

Woodland Caribou

Woodland caribou
Woodland caribou Alberta is listed as Threatened under Canada’s Species at Risk Act and Alberta’s Wildlife Act.

Woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) inhabit the boreal forest of northern Alberta and mixed coniferous forests and alpine regions of west-central Alberta. Declining populations in the province have created the need for governments and stakeholders to work together towards recovery and management of the species.

Alberta has an amazing variety of wild species. However, some of these species are at risk of disappearing from the province.

These species at risk are the most vulnerable components of Alberta’s biodiversity and require special attention to maintain and recover their populations.

What species in Alberta are at risk? How do you find their status?

  • Alberta’s list of Species at Risk
    Review this list of Alberta’s Endangered and Threatened species.
  • Species at Risk – A guide to Endangered and Threatened Species and Species of Special Concern in Alberta
    Discover detailed descriptions of each species at risk along with its habitat and status information in this colourful publication
  • Species at Risk status search
    This is a tool that allows you to search for species by their status or classification

Alberta’s Conservation Efforts

Find out about some of the wildlife conservation projects we are currently involved in:

Alberta’s Strategy for Species at Risk

The Alberta government strategy for the prevention, recovery and identification of species at risk is a cooperative and collaborative, science-based approach which incorporates the social and economic values of Albertans.

To read Alberta’s Strategy for the Management of Species at Risk (2009-2014), see:


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