Invasive Species

Know the Law. Pull the Plug!

Under subsection 6.1 of the provincial Fisheries Ministerial Regulation, it is illegal to transport a watercraft with the drain plug still in place.

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What’s an Invasive Species?

Invasive alien species or invasive species are non-native species that have been introduced, intentionally or unintentionally, from other countries or ecosystems and threaten Alberta’s ecosystems and biodiversity.

What’s the Government of Alberta doing about invasive species?

The Alberta government is responsible for the key role of control work; however, it is also taking other actions on invasive alien species:

  • Developing educational materials about what invasive species are and their impacts
  • Identifying the public’s role in helping with solutions
  • Working with stakeholder groups to coordinate control efforts
  • Enhancing legislation, regulations and risk assessment tools

Government, academics, industry, stewardship groups and the public all have a role to play in increasing awareness about invasive species. These sectors must work together to prevent invasive species from establishing and spreading.

This collaborative approach to invasive species management aims to improve awareness and preparedness, enhance communication and coordination, and improve resource allocation to decrease the risk of invasive species in Alberta.

2015 Annual Report

The annual report provides information regarding the five elements of the Aquatic Invasive Species program; Policy & Legislation, Education & Outreach, Monitoring, Inspections and Response. It also provides highlights of the 2015-16 program year, and priorities for the 2016-17 program year.


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