Don't Let it Loose

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The "Don't Let it Loose" campaign focuses on educating aquarium owners, aquatic horticulturalists and live food market customers to make sure they don't release (intentionally or accidentally) unwanted species of plants, animals and invertebrates on to Alberta's landscapes.

Releasing Invasive Species into Waterbodies is Against the Law

Never release aquarium or domestic pond water, plants, dead or live animals into waterbodies. Common aquarium and pond plants and animals can become invasive when released in the wild, increasing competition for limited resources while potentially spreading disease to native species.

Under the Fisheries (Alberta) Act, a prohibited species list has been created that has 52 species of aquatic invasive fish, plants and invertebrates – all of which are now illegal to be imported, sold, transported or possessed in Alberta. Individuals releasing fish into public waters can face penalties up to $100,000 and a year in prison.

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Unwanted pets can be disposed of humanely by returning them to pet stores, donating to schools or community organizations, or given away. Make sure to bury your fish after it passes away – flushing it down the toilet can lead to the spread of unwanted diseases.


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