About Beavers

Beaver swimming with twig
  • Beavers can make a home anywhere with enough trees and a permanent water supply.
  • Beavers build dams to flood their chosen location, making the area more habitable for themselves.
  • Beaver ponds can be beneficial to an area as they create wetland habitat that other wildlife can use as a place to feed, nest or rest.
  • Beaver ponds slow water flow, which reduces soil erosion and allows sediment to settle.
  • Beavers are primarily nocturnal, meaning most of their feeding and working happens at night.
  • Beavers don’t have many predators and normally live up to ten years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can beavers be a nuisance to humans?

  • In developing and maintaining their habitat, beavers may damage trees and cause excessive flooding.
  • Beavers are not responsible for the stomach ailment, "beaver fever." Beaver fever is actually giardiasis (caused by the parasite Giardia lamblia). Giardiasis can be transmitted by drinking water that’s been contaminated by an infected person or animal. The most common carriers of the parasite are people, pets and livestock.

What can I do about the beaver on my property?

  • Individual trees and shrubs vulnerable to beaver damage can be protected by wrapping the base with hardware cloth or galvanized metal fencing, to a height of at least one metre.
  • Gardens, flower beds and groups of trees can be fenced off with hardware cloth or galvanized metal fencing. Ensure the fence stands at least one metre above ground and half a metre below ground.


Call a Fish and Wildlife officer

  • If you need specific advice on the beaver problem on your property
  • To discuss removal techniques

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