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Recreational Access Management Program


The RAMP pilot study ended March 31, 2011. Sustainable Resource Development would like to thank all hunters and landowners who participated in the RAMP pilot study in 2009 and 2010. SRD is in the process of finalizing RAMP’s findings which will be made available on this website when completed.

As a result of the RAMP pilot study ending, all RAMP Access Management Plan Maps have been removed from this site and are no longer available.

  • For permission to access properties that were previously in RAMP, please contact the individual landowners as they are now managing access as they see appropriate.
  • Some landowners may be utilizing access management signage to communicate some of their hunting access requirements for their properties similar to what was used in RAMP.
  • Again, you must contact the landowner for more information about accessing their private property.

What is the Recreational Access Management Program?

The Recreational Access Management Program (RAMP) is a two-year (2009-11) private lands hunting and fishing access and habitat stewardship program. It is being piloted in Wildlife Management Units (WMU) 108 and 300 in the southwestern corner of Alberta.

What are the goals of RAMP?

  • Create an access management partnership between landowners and hunters and anglers
  • Improve public recreational hunting and fishing access opportunities on private land
  • Provide assistance to landowners to enhance working agricultural landscapes that provide quality habitat and hunting and fishing opportunities
  • Create a web-based system for hunters and anglers seeking information on recreational opportunities on private lands
  • Reduce landowner and user access conflicts on private lands
  • Improve management of wildlife habitat on private land

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