Zone 3: Northern Boreal

northern boreal map

A vast area of central and northern Alberta consists of Boreal Forest. Throughout the boreal forest, many of the streams are low gradient, brown water streams from muskeg drainages.

These streams are tributaries within larger watersheds, which in turn are part of the major drainage basins of the Athabasca, Peace and Hay rivers.

Game Fish

The following are the more common game fish in Zone 3:

Watershed Units

The majority of the lakes in Alberta occur in the boreal forest zone. Zone 3 is sub-divided into four Watershed Units (NB1 - NB4).

How to get there

You can reach the major centres in Zone 3 by travelling all-season highways from Edmonton.

Air services make regularly scheduled flights from the Edmonton International Airport to Peace River, Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray. Charter air services are available from these centres.


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Updated: Jan 20, 2014