Watershed Unit PP2

About this Watershed Unit


Watershed Unit PP2 is part of Alberta Fish Management Zone 2 that covers the southeastern corner of the province.


The fisheries in Watershed Unit PP2 fall under the jurisdiction of Alberta’s Prairies Resource Management Area. Management of fisheries in this watershed unit is further subdivided as follows:

  • The Red Deer Fish and Wildlife office oversees fisheries management in a 7,900 square kilometre area extending from the southern edge of Edmonton to the northern edge of Calgary. Major waterbodies in this area include:
    • Battle River
    • Buck Lake
    • Pigeon Lake
    • Red Deer River

Sportfishing Regulations

Applicable sportfishing regulations for this Watershed Unit can be found on the 2010 Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations website at:

Prairies Area Fisheries information

Red Deer Area

To view the Buffalo Lake Bathymetric Survey Map, see the Prairies Area Bathymetry (Depth) Maps section at:

Pigeon Lake Fisheries Management Plan


For further information about fisheries in this Watershed Unit, please contact:


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